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2 x OSAKA Deep Cycle Gel Battery 200AH 12V (100% FULL CAPACITY) - (2PCS-24V)

R 8,800.00

Top quality deep cycles gel battery can be used for your solar power setup. You will never go wrong with these batteries, they give you the full power.

12V 200AH
Maintenance-Free Rechargeable Gel-Battery

The Osaka gel batteries are specifically designed for solar power applications & are totally maintenance-free with superior deep cycle life when compared to lead acid batteries
They are spill proof/leak proof which enables them to be installed upright or sideways with minimal corrosion thus physically compatible with sensitive electronic equipment.

We recommend that these batteries be used together on a 24V system or individually on a 12V system. Do not mix with another brand.

What is in the box:

2 x OSAKA Deep Cycle Gel Battery 200AH 12V

Best Practices to Prolong Battery Life:
- Never discharge your battery below the recommded Depth of Discharge (DOD). 50% for GEL and 80% for Lithium Ion.
- Ensure your battery and the terminals to the Inverter are clean and tightly fafstened.
- Consistently drawing current from a battery without letting it fully charge degrades the battery quicker.
- Use batteries at an ambient temperature of 25 degress Celcius.
- Ensure good ventilation.

GEL batteries are not recommended for use in stage 3-6 load shedding for a prolonged period because the batteries would not get enough time to recharge full. Each loadshedding session is conted as a cycle as the battery is drained when the power is off and starts charging again when the power comes back on.

Please make sure that your inverter/charger works well with GEL batteries before buying. Warranty falls off if wrong or incompatible inverter/charger is used.

Warranty: 60 Days Replacement

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