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Overcome power cuts with this premium MPPT inverter load-shedding Combo that can go the extra mile.


3KVA 2400W 24V Hybrid Inverter- with Built-in MPPT Solar Charge controller

You can use this inverter as a UPS to run your appliances when your power provider cant, Or add some solar panels and go off-grid with the Solarwize 24V 2400W Inverter.
It is equipped with MPPT solar charge controller to maximize and regulate DC power from the solar array for charging the battery bank. The transformer-less design provides reliable power conversion in size and with high efficiency. It is Light and Handy, making installation easier. Ideal for residential, commercial, and agricultural use.

Brand | Solarwize
Rated power | 3000VA/2400W
INPUT Voltage | 230VAC
AC voltage regulation | 90VAC to 280VAC
Surge power | 6000VA
Efficiency (peak) | 95%
Waveform | Pure sine wave
Battery voltage | 24VDC
Maximum AC charge current | 30A
Maximum Solar Charging current | 40A
Dimension, D*W*H (mm) | 305*260*100mm


+Pure Sine Wave Inverter
+Built-in MPPT Solar Charge Controller
+Selectable input voltage range and frequency
+Selectable charging current based on applications
+Configurable AC/Solar input priority via LCD Display
+Compatible with mains voltage or generator power
+Auto restart while AC is recovering
+Overload and short-circuit protection
+Intelligent battery charger design for optimized battery performance
+Cold start function
+Parallel communication


120AH/20HR AGM Deep Cycle GEL Battery - Ingle (Double Performance)

Awesome AGM Deep Cycle GEL Battery! This battery is 12 Volt and has a full 120 amp/hours capacity.

This Deep cycle battery can be used with the following:
- Inverters
- UPS systems
- Electrical Tools
- Boats or Caravans
- Electrical Vehicle
- Solar lights
- Backup power systems

- 12 Volt DC
- 120Amp Hours
- Terminal Type: M8 Bolt
- Dimensions: 18 x 42 x 27CM


- 1 x Battery Fuse Holder
- 1 x 160A DC 80V Fuse
- 1 x Gauge Cable - Red (Long) (Inverter - Fuse Holder)
- 1 x Gauge Cable - Black (Long) (Inverter - Battery)
- 1 x Gauge Cable Red - Short ( Fuse Holder - Battery)
- 1 x Gauge Cable Black - Short ( Linking Batteries)

What you get:

- 1 x 3KVA 2400W 24V Hybrid Inverter
- 2 x 120AH/20HR AGM Deep Cycle GEL Battery - KLE
- Electrical Tools
- Extras

Warranty: 6 Months - Replacement

- Do not Overload
- Recommended Depth Of Discharge (DOD): 50%

Please make sure that your inverter/charger works well with GEL batteries before buying. Warranty falls off if wrong or incompatible inverter/charger is used.


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