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5KVA Ecco EC-HIN5500 51.2KW Ecco LFELI-51.2100 Combo (Including WIFI)

R 25,900.00


5.5KVA/5500W 100A Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter


- Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter

- Output Power Factor 1

- High PV Input Voltage Range (120VDC - 500VDC)

- Built-in 100A MPPT Solar Controller

- Supports Multiple Output Priority: UTL, SOL, SBU, SUB

- Parallel Operation with Up to 12 units (Parallel Version)

- Supports Parallel Operation in Single Phase/ 3 Phase (Parallel Version)

- Supports Wireless Parallel, Without Extra Sharing of Current Cable

- RS485 Communication for BMS - Wifi Monitoring

- Battery Equalization Function to Optimise Battery Performance and Extended Lifecycle


- Inverter Mode

- Rated Power: 5500VA / 5500W

- DC Input: 48VDC, 127A

- AC Output: 230VAC, 50/60Hz, 23.9A AC Charger Mode

- AC Input: 230VAC, 50/60Hz, 40A

- DC Output: 54VDC

- Max. Charge Current(AC): 60A Default 30A

- Max. Charge Current(PV+AC): 100A

- AC Output: 230VAC, 50/60Hz, 23.9A Solar Charge Mode

- Max. PV Array Power: 5500W

- Min. Solar Voltage: 120VDC

- Max. Solar Voltage (VOC): 500VDC

- Max. MPPT Charge Current: 100A Ingress Protection: IP21 (Indoor Use)

- Dimensions ; 38 x 55 x 20 cm

- Weight: 10kg


Lithium Ion Phosphate 51.2v 100ah 5.12 KWh Battery LFELI-51.2100 Ecco

LFeLi-51.2100 is an energy storage module based on a home wall-mounted design. The system uses distributed photovoltaic and wind power generation to provide a household power supply solution . It can effectively realize energy transformation and storage, solve the imbalance between distributed generation and load, improve the stability and utilization rate of renewable energy generation, realize "spontaneous self-use" at the user end, and save electricity costs. The system uses high-efficiency and long-life lithium iron phosphate batteries, and the excellent battery management system can ensure its Design life of more than 15 years.


- High energy density and conversion efficiency
- Intelligent software anti-theft design
- Compatible with many inverters
- Easy maintenance with SOC (charge status) and SOH (health status)detection

8000 cycles at a 50% DOD

 What's in the box

1 x Ecco 5.5KVA/5500W 100A Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter
1 x Lithium Ion Phosphate 51.2v 100ah 5.12 KWh Battery LFELI-51.2100 Ecco

Best Practices to Prolong Battery Life:
- Never discharge your battery below the recommded Depth of Discharge (DOD). 50% for GEL and 80% for Lithium Ion.
- Ensure your battery and the terminals to the Inverter are clean and tightly fafstened.
- Consistently drawing current from a battery without letting it fully charge degrades the battery quicker.
- Use batteries at an ambient temperature of 25 degress Celcius.
- Ensure good ventilation.

GEL batteries are not recommended for use in stage 3-6 load shedding for a prolonged period because the batteries would not get enough time to recharge full. Each loadshedding session is conted as a cycle as the battery is drained when the power is off and starts charging again when the power comes back on.

Warranty: 5 Years Repair Warranty

Warranty Condition:

A certified electrical wireman or master electrician with a current Department of Labor registration is required to install all inverters and batteries. Once installed, a current electrical certificate of compliance (COC) for the installation of the solar or backup system is required. The installation needs to adhere to SANS 10142 in its entirety. If a warranty claim is filed without installation images, a current COC, and documentation that the item was installed by a licensed wireman or master electrician, it may be denied and become void.


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