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6 Piece Non-Stick Coated Kitchen Knife Set

R 175.00

- Elegant & Luxurious This culinary knife set is different from others on the market in that they are not only impressively durable and sharp, but absolutely beautiful. The blade is wrapped in a black non-stick coating with exposed edges. Rubber handles add both to the style & functionality of these knives. This knife set for cooks makes for a stunning addition to any kitchen and home.
- Slices Like A Dream If you think our 6 piece cutlery set is beautiful to look at, wait till you actually cut and cook with these sophisticated knives. Made from some of the best, most high-quality materials available, these knives can slice and dice their way through any food you throw at them. Derived from stainless steel with a jet-black titanium coating, these knives for chefs and home cooks are super sharp and will maintain their razor-life edge for a long time.
- An Ergonomically Smooth Grip What makes these dicing and mincing knives superior to our competitors is that the handle is made from polypropylene and rubber, allowing for a firm grip. Accidents occur all the time in the kitchen. With our kitchen cutlery designed with your convenience and safety in mind, there is less chance of slippage and cutting yourself. Plus, the handle provides a soft grip for long-term usage.
- 6 Knives With Unlimited Possibilities With your purchase, you receive a chef style cleaver knife, chef knife, a utility knife, a paring knife, vegetable peeler & multi-function kitchen shears. This carefully-designed product is a professional, gourmet set of kitchen knives for chopping vegetables, cutting sushi, carving meat, and so much more. With their laser-precision cutting, there's almost nothing these knives can't do.

What's in the box
1 x 20cm Chef Knife
1 x 20cm Meat Cleaver
1 x 20cm Carving Knife
1 x 9cm Paring Knife
1 x Pair of Kitchen Scissors
1 x Ceramic blade vegetable peeler

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