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Hybrid Inverter Specifications:

Fivestar 8KVA/6000W 48V Hybrid Solar Inverter:

Power factor 1.0 with pure sine wave solar inverter
Built-in 100A MPPT controller for efficient solar charging
WIFI wireless monitoring capability for remote monitoring and control
Can run with or without a battery for versatile operation
High voltage range of 120-500VDC for flexible solar input
Parallel operation in 1 phase/3 phase without the need for current sharing cables
Multiple working modes: SOL, UTL, SBU
Inverter Mode: 8500VA/8500W, 48VDC input, 230VAC, 50Hz, 24A output
AC Charger Mode: 230VAC, 50Hz, 42A input, 54VDC output, 230VAC, 50Hz, 24A output
Solar Charger Mode: Max power 6500W, 18A max solar input current, 100A MPPT max charge current, operating voltage range of 120-500VDC
Model: FS-1008, Item Number: FS8KP
Rated Power: 8KVA/6000W

DC Input: 48VDC
AC OUTOUT :230VAC ,50/60Hz 1c
AC Charger Mode:
AC Input :230AVC, 50/60Hz , 40A, 1c
DC Output; 54VDC
Max 100A, Default 30A
AC Output : 230vac ,50/60hz,1c
Solar Charge Mode:
Min . Solar Voltage :(VOC) : 120VDC
Max. Solar Voltage :(VOC) : 500VDC
MPPT Voltage Range: 120-450VDC

Battery Specifications:

The SVOLT 51.2V 106Ah A-Grade Lithium Battery is manufactured by a world-leading manufacturer SVOLT which is joined with the Haval Motor Group which we all know are extremely recognized for their vehicles, using A-Grade Battery cells. This allows superior performance, capacity, and reliability. Using state of high power A-Grade cell technology, the Lithium Battery is designed for environmentally sensitive areas and is committed to recycling.

The SVOLT 48V 106Ah A-Grade Lithium Battery is widely used in industrial, residential, commercial, and private applications. The maintenance-free construction and advanced design features make the Lithium Battery the definitive choice for a wide variety of markets - Like solar and renewable energy storage for electric vehicles, industrial equipment, medical equipment, telecommunications, TVs, and UPS systems.

Installation Type: Wall Mounted
Battery type-Chemistry: LiFePO4
Nominal Voltage:48V
Nominal Capacity :106Ah
Energy Density:5427 KWh
Dimensions(LxWxH) :688 x 447 x 211mm
Weight (Approx.):49.5KGS
Terminal Type: M6
Terminal Torque:8.5NM
Case Material: SPCC
BMS build-in: Yes
Internal Resistance:<30mO
Efficiency - round trip:99%
Self Discharge per Month:<3%
Max parallel connectors:16Pcs
Series connections:Not Allowed
Cycle life (0.2C, 25C@80% DOD) Discharge Temperature:6000 Cycles
Charge Temperature :20 C to 65
Storage Temperature :0C to 50 C
Bluetooth(App) :Optional
LCD Screen: Optional
Heating Function: Optional
Voltage Window: Optional
Recommend Charge Voltage:43.2V-58.4V
Max Charge Voltage:57.60.20V
Recommend Charge current:58.40.20V
Max Discharging Voltage:43.20.20V
Max Continuous Discharge Current :100A
Peak Discharge Current:150A


688 x 447 x 211 mm

49.5 Kg

Whatis included in the Combo
1 X 8KVA 120A 6000W MPPT Parallel Solar Inverter SUN0848-48VA
1 X WiFi Dongle
2 x SVOLT 48V 106Ah A-Grade Lithium Battery, Each with:
- 1 x Red (Positive) Battery Cable
- 1 x Black (Negative) Battery Cable
- 1 x Ethernet cable
- 1 x Manual
- 1 x Wall Mount Bracket
- 1 x Warranty Card
1 x Parallel Cable Set

5 Years Warranty


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