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UPS Inverter

Power up your life with inverter power!

- Pure Sine Wave UPS/Inverter
- Power: 2000W
- Voltage: 12VDC
- Charging Current: 30A
- PV Input Voltage Range: 15V-44V
- Max PV Input Voltage (At the lowest temperature): 50V
- PV Array Maximum Power: 420W


12v GEB 200ah deep cycle solar gel battery

GEB solar battery
GP12200 (12V200AH)

Deep discharge technology
Maintenance free gel battery
Deep cycle quick charge technology

Ideal for solar systems, inverters, UPS, electric power vehicles, golf carts & buggies, electric wheelchairs, power tools, cleaning equipment, and more...

- 12 volt dc
- 200 amp hours

540 x 210 x 220 mm

What is included in the Combo
- 1 x 12V 200AH Deep Cycle Gel Battery (Warranty: 60 Days Replacement)
- 1 x 2000W 12V/30A Pure Sine Wave Solar UPS/Inverter - ECCO PRO NS2000 (Warranty: 24 Months Repair)

Best Practices to Prolong Battery Life:
- Never discharge your battery below the recommded Depth of Discharge (DOD). 50% for GEL and 80% for Lithium Ion.
- Ensure your battery and the terminals to the Inverter are clean and tightly fafstened.
- Consistently drawing current from a battery without letting it fully charge degrades the battery quicker.
- Use batteries at an ambient temperature of 25 degress Celcius.
- Ensure good ventilation.

GEL batteries are not recommended for use in stage 3-6 load shedding for a prolonged period because the batteries would not get enough time to recharge full. Each loadshedding session is conted as a cycle as the battery is drained when the power is off and starts charging again when the power comes back on.


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