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SUN UPS Inverter with Ac Charger 12V 1000W 20A

R 2,990.00 R 2,250.00

Products Features:

To convert 12V DC power in battery to AC 230V power when there is power grid failure.
When power grid is normal,the grid power supply output through the internal bypass directly, and its charging part charges the battery at the same time.If the load current is over the inverter rated current,the current protection will work to disconnect the mains and load,then after reduce the load, press the recoverable fuse,it will work normally again.

Detailed LCD display, graphical interface with digital display, let users know the inverter work state intuitively

Safety Caution
1: The shell will dissipate part of heat, so please note the temperature when touch the shell
2:This inverter is cooled by fan please use in the indoor environment with good ventilation and heat dissipation, not allowed to use in the environment with humidity,high temperature,flammable and explosive gas
3: Connect the battery with input terminal,the polarity can not be reversed
4: This inverter shall be connected to the battery to power the internal control circuit
5: Although inverter can bear the peak power of 2 times of the rated power, but if with multiple appliances at the same time, like rice cooker, water heaterair conditioner and motor with very big startup peak current, may cause
overload protection to cut off the current.At this time,should turned off the appliances, turn on the inverter, then turn on
the appliances one by one,firstly turn on the one with highest peak current.
6:The interval time between 2 boots should be no less than5 seconds (cut off the input power)
7: Not allowed to over the rated power of this inverter

What's in the box
1 x Power-Inverter
1 x Power supply cable
2 x Alligator clips


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